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Journal #2: Amber Williams - Tattoo Artist

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Today's feature is with Amber Williams, a FABULOUS artist and tattoo designer based in York, UK.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

"I'm from the UK, originally Surrey but I moved to York for University about three years ago. I'm using the next few months to build up my portfolio and perfect my style, and then the plan is to apply for tattoo apprenticeships."

What would you say is your favourite style of tattooing?

"My favourite style of tattooing is dot-work tattoos - they take SO much effort and patience, but once they're finished they can look absolutely beautiful and all the work put into them really pays off. I also love linework for their simplicity, and ignorant style tattoos because of how unconventional and weird they are."

Who would you consider your artistic influences as a Tattoo Artist?

"I have a lot of different influences, but the artist who made me fall in love with dot-work was Rebecca Vincent (@rebecca_vincent_tattoo) at Parliament Tattoo in London. She did my floral half sleeve a year ago and I still notice new details every day. Other influences include illustrator Lloyd Stratton (@lloydstratton) because of his flawless dot-work, and tattooist Neil Preston (@mrprestontattoo) because of his clean lines and easily recognisable style."

What are your goals for your future in the Tattoo Industry?

"My dream is to one day own a tattoo shop of my own, but at the moment I'm just starting small and trying to get a following for my artwork." - An exciting little update since we did this interview, Amber has now found herself an amazing tattoo apprenticeship at the York based studio Chirality Ink!

We have fallen in love with Ambers work here at Nox Caelo, and couldn't thank her enough for chatting with us we wish her all the luck in her Tattoo Apprenticeship! Please follow her Instagram page to see more of her incredible artwork: @amberwilliamstattoo

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