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An Interview with Garbageman!

Hello Goul Gang, and welcome back to the new and improved Nox Caelo blog!

Before we get into this week’s feature I’d like to start by introducing myself, I’m Sol; Jess’ annoying boyfriend, journalism graduate, terrible musician and coffee addict. I’ve been following along through the beginning of the Nox Caelo story so It’s amazing to finally have my own small contribution to the business and to finally meet you all, from newcomers, regular customers, our reps and everyone in-between!

This week I had the pleasure to sit down with our latest collaborator and close personal friend David a.k.a Garbageman. Dave, like ourselves, is a Liverpool based illustrator and drummer for Haiku Waifu and our band together KIN.

So David, how long have you been illustrating? “Only a few months really, I’ve always enjoyed drawing but I kind of stopped after leaving school. Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly gotten back into it – especially over Lockdown. I think it naturally happened when I started working. I needed more ways to let off steam because I can’t be drumming at ten in the evening!”

How did Garbageman come to live?

"Garbageman was a last minute thing. I’ve never been one for showing off my work but over lockdown I started drawing more and creating some designs for the bands I’m in. From there I started getting the idea of putting more stuff out into the world, but I was pretty apprehensive about it. It’s not an easy thing to put stuff you’ve created out to be judged by people. It wasn’t’ until Jess got in touch with me to collaborate on some designs that I actually bit the bullet and made Garbageman. (Thanks again, Jess)."

So off the top of your head, who or what would you say are your artistic influences?

"Hmm, I’m not really sure to be honest. I like tons of different artists and styles but I can’t think of people or works that generally influence me on a conscious level. Not to say that I’m this super original artist who has a completely original style haha! I just do dumb drawings which turn out okay sometimes. If I had to choose an artist I guess I’d say Charles Burns, Nick Lant (who did the Subhumans album covers), Paul Pope and Frank Quitely. Again, I don’t know if they influence me but they’re all great artists with really unique styles."

And how would you describe your style?

"I don’t know haha, I guess it’s cartoony, but not over the top cartoony if that makes sense? Like I try to get perspectives and proportions pretty accurate, but to be honest I don’t even think about keeping with a style. I just doodle until something looks decent."

I think the three of us know the collab was a long time coming, but how exactly did it come about and how does it feel to finally see your work in the physical realm?

"Jess saw some of the stuff I had done for the bands and she must have liked it! She got in-touch with me about commissioning some ideas for the shop. This was before I’d even started Garbageman and I was a bit unsure about it at first. But Jess was really encouraging, so I ended up creating the designs which luckily Jess loved! It’s been really motivating to see such a positive response to the collaboration, and it’s cool to see your designs on actual products in the real world!"

And finally, because we need to know, do you have any music recommendations for our readers?

"This is definitely the hardest question! I always have too many! I’ll start off with Bite Back by Wacko. I think it came out around April this year and I haven’t been able to get enough of it since. It’s just pure aggression!

Next, I’ll go with Sensation by Soundwalk Collective ft. Patti Smith and Mulatu Astatke. I’ve been listening to Mulatu a lot recently but I’ve only just discovered this album he did with Patti Smith. The fact they have an album together is still mind-blowing to me, and this is the last track on the album. It’s just a beautiful piece of music.

And finally, I’ll choose Acid Raindrops by People Under The Stairs. I got onto these guys after Murs released the track “Flowers For People Under The Stairs” which is basically a tribute to them. He literally tells you to google them at the start of the track haha. Their stuff is just super chilled and great to draw to."

If you have any questions or suggestions for future blog posts please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or Jess at: Shopnoxcaelo@gmail.com Solnoxcaelo@gmail.com

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