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FOLLOW FRIDAY #2: Cobweb Coven

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone's had a lovely week so far. It's time for our second Follow Friday update, and this week I was SUUUUPER excited to feature the lovely Hayley who runs Cobweb Coven.

I remember when I first started Nox Caelo I was always looking for new brands and fellow independent businesses to follow, and luckily, I found Cobweb Coven. Who at the time had also just started up her businesses! A little over a year on it's amazing to see how our businesses have grown alongside each-other and how amazingly Hayley is smashing it. Especially after recent events where her shop Instagram was hacked, and she had to re-start and re-build up her following from scratch. But, as I've just said. Ya gal Hayley is absolutely smashing it, she's been back at it for under A MONTH and has already gained over 1k followers! She creates spooky, yet super cute Jewellery and resin pieces and has recently just started releasing a monthly 'Mystery Box' one of which I purchased and oh my god, it was every spooky ghoul's dream. A DREAM!

I had a lil' chat with Hayley the other day about doing this, and sent her over some questions to find out a little bit more about Cobweb Coven, here's what she had to say...

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Hayley, I’m 22 and I’m the owner of CobwebCoven! I’ve had CobwebCoven around a year now! And I’ve loved the process of building it up. There’s been many tears and many celebrations but it’s taught me a lot.

2. What made you want to start your own business?

I started it by accident? Haha. I started making jewellery for myself because I couldn’t find the style of jewellery I wanted for an affordable price and posted about it online, loads of people wanted to buy it so I started making more, and more, and it all started from there. 

3. What are your main influences? What inspires your pieces? 

Gothic and occult imagery. Give me spooky and creepy and I’m all over it. But also give me soft romantic goth styles too. I take inspiration from lots of things, witchy vibes, gothic, occult. 

4. What is the process you go through to make your ideas come to life? 

With my jewellery I make a list of what kind of things I want to put out, do my research and get some charms in place. As for my resin I plan ahead and do a certain themed colour pour that day. Finally, when it comes to my art I always do rough sketches on paper, then I do a rough sketch on my iPad and slowly bring it to life. I work with many different creative trades and it’s so much fun, always keeping my hands busy. 

5. What are you most looking forward to as an independent business when things start to go back to normal? 

I’m excited to do some shoots with my friends of the Jewellery, somewhere woodland and dressed all gothic to add to the Jewellery. But most of all I have my first ever market stall in September and I’m hoping I can go I can’t wait to show off CobwebCoven in person. 

6. If you could recommended five other independent businesses to the readers, who would they be and why? 

  1. You of course haha! I remember when I started CobwebCoven, I was looking for people to follow like my business and ShopNoxCaelo popped up. I think you had just started up to! It's been a pleasure to see your business grow and have a fellow ghoul support me so much. Not to mention your stuff is absolutely incredible. 

  2. Alleycatscrafts: I love her brand and all the spooky bits of resin she puts out. She makes the most incredible moulds too, it’s been a real treat watching her business grow and she’s such a supportive person. 

  3. Hausofthedead: I’m absolutely in love with the whole vibe of this shop, it’s spooky yet occult and her pieces are to die for ( see what I did there ) haha. 

  4. Screamingmandrakeperfumes: I’m blown away by the packaging and presentation from this brand right down to the names of the perfumes, if you’re a woodland witch then this small business is definitely one to check out! 

  5. Hannah Horror: Couldn’t not recommend an artist now could I! Hannah Horror does the most incredible artwork with a dark twist I’ve ever seen! Anything she puts out I’m bound to buy and love. 

7. What else inspires your work? i.e, Films, Music, etc?

Can a place inspire your work? Because when I’m sat at my little workshop ( a very dirty cramped desk but let’s call it a workshop ) And I’m making up some spooky resin or I’ve just finished making up earrings I’m dreaming of a little wonky shop in Whitby. Whitby has always been a big inspiration to me, the wonky cobbles that wind the streets and the jet work shops all over looked by this beautiful gothic abbey. 

8. Quarantine album/film recommendations? 

1. Anything by Tim burton, but if you’re wanting some 80’s to sink your teeth into the lost boys is my all time favourite film! 

2. For albums I’d say a podcast if you like true crime mixed in with some humour then my favourite murder. 

3. And for shows, the office US hands down. ( Ryan starteddd the fireeeee! ) 

Can I take a moment to thank Jess for doing this as it puts small bizz people like me in the spot light and I love seeing the personality behind the small business!  - Thank you! Lil' cry.

I'm just gonna say, Hayley is the loveliest girl and deserves absolutely nothing but success with CobwebCoven. She works so hard and always brings out amazing, spooky, GORGEOUS items and I'm just obsessed with her business.

You can find CobwebCoven via their Instagram/Facebook pages. And also, don't forget to check out all of the amazing stuff she sells via the CobwebCoven Etsy Page! https://www.etsy.com/shop/cobwebcoven

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