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Wow, I'm back! It's my first 'proper' blog post of 2021, and what a better way to kick-start the blog back off than with a Follow Friday - Small Business Feature. I'm super excited for this weeks post as I'm featuring probably one of my FAVOURITE small businesses, Witch Crafts!

I've been following Jess since way before I'd started up Nox Caelo and was constantly in awe of her artwork! Now I have my own office space, the majority of my art is actually from her store! I have the huge Morticia Addams print hanging pride of place above my desk, and my Witch Crafts calendar! Which not only keeps me organised, but also fills my spooky lil' heart with joy when I get to see a brand new piece of amaaazing artwork whenever the months change. When I approached Jess about being featured, I was so happy when she said yes! Honestly, if you haven't already seen any of the art dotted about in this blog post, hold onto your broomsticks because you're about to FALL. IN. LOVE.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m the little elf behind Witch Crafts (literally an elf I’m 5ft)! I’m 26 and a first time Momma! I currently live in Leeds, but I’m actually from South Yorkshire so my accent is... interesting. I have a rescue pooch called Nessa & the most important thing, I’m an Aquarius.

What made you want to start your own business?

When I started university Instagram was just getting popular, and after posting up some of my art work people wanted to buy it! It stemmed from there. Everything I was creating (back then my store name was Jgdrawings) for my store was completely different to what I was being made to create at university. I just got more pleasure from doing my own thing and my store just developed from there. I’ve wanted to be an artist and work for myself since I was 16, so 10 years later it’s a huge achievement for myself.

Where did the name Witch Crafts come from?

So I really love all things witchy and in the beginning I wanted my store to be heavily crafts based. I do occasionally sell embroidery and woven bits, but now it’s heavily art print based instead.

What are your main influences/inspiration when creating your products?

The internet is a great place for inspiration! I can see a photograph of someone’s flower arrangement in their living room and want to draw it! My inspiration heavily comes from pop culture, as I’m really into film and tv. 90’s films are my passion. Digital art is a big influence on me since I started to create art with an iPad Pro.

What's your process for making your ideas come to life? How are they made?

Gosh where do I start. So usually after watching films or getting the light bulb moment, I roughly sketch out shapes, text, elements I want on my iPad. I then figure out a colour scheme - at the moment I love burnt colours, lots of oranges and browns. Using procreate I then create the art piece! With stickers its different because I have to find photographs of the characters I’m drawing, then adding colour and shading takes the longest.

What's your favourite thing about being a small business owner?

Just feeling proud of myself for earning money from my craft! It’s amazing to have worked so hard and have people love and buy your stuff. Witch Crafts is my baby so to have it do well means everything to me. Also working to my own schedule is amazing, it’s definitely allowed me to keep working whilst having my first baby in September.

And now, what’s your least favourite?

Sadly I think all small business’ can agree, but i hate giving my faith to the postal service and relying on someone else to deliver my orders. That might be a little control freak of me, but can you imagine how simple it would be if you could hand deliver every order. There’d be no ‘I have no clue it’s on its way’ moments when a customer is asking where their parcel is. You’d of hand delivered it to sunny California and could tell then exactly what time it got there and all the other places it went on the journey. Dealing with lost parcels is a nightmare.

What are you most looking forward to as an Independent Business when things start to go back to normal?

Hopefully getting myself to art/craft fairs again! Now I have so much more stock than last year, it’d be great to get involved with the art scene in Leeds. Also having deliveries return to normal would be swell.

If you could recommend five other independent businesses to the readers, who would they be and why?

@morbidchalk - Frankee and is amazing and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! She’s got crazy skills for windows and boards!

@forensicsandflowers - Viki’s designs are another level and you can also join her Patreon for exciting surprises each month.

@deadinsidedesign - for super cute Disney and halloween accessories and prints, shes your gal!

@tinanass.illustration - super cute artwork and I love her feed! So fun to watch watercolour videos, etc.

@sophiehargreaves - Sophie is an amazing human and also an amazing illustrator! She creates super cute characters and everyone should think of her first if wanting custom pieces for socials.

Does anything else inspire your work? I.e, music, films, seasons?

Films are such a huge inspiration and I’m considering expanding out into other films that aren’t so alternative. I love legally blonde and even though I know my followers might not be into it, I still want to create a sticker pack.

Autumn is a big inspiration year round for my art!

Do you have any new items/collections coming up? - Tell us about them!

I always have new sticker packs coming out monthly, but I’ve decided to launch a new project! I’m creating monthly themed bundles on Patreon! The first bundle will be prints and post cards under the theme ‘meet the maker’, so my favourite film prints, lyrics and my interests in art form. These bundles wont be available on my store so they’re limited art work. I’ll be announcing it all very soon!

Do you have any lockdown Music / Film / book recommendations for the readers?

Do I ever! I read so much over summer when I was pregnant, so book recommendations: blood orange, those people, my lovely wife, the whisper man, the chalk man, where the Crawdads sing, his and her. I also really got into happy mum happy baby, the books and podcast are amazing and now she’s in I’m a celeb!

I feel like I watched so many things on Netflix I can’t think now it’ comes to it! The Witcher was amazing and the fall.

At the beginning of the year my Boyfriend was out on tour with a band called Crossfaith and Ocean Grove, they’re amazing so check them out!

Please go show Jess some love and check out even more of her incredible artwork over on her Instagram! You can also find the Witch Crafts website here along with all of her other platforms which can be found here, on linktree - go shop until your spooky little heart is content! I have my eyes on the Treehouse of Horror packs for my next purchase!

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