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This weeks Follow Friday feature is with the AMAAAZING Aleesha who runs Alleycats Craft! If you've seen any of the Resin items up on my shop, you bet yourself the mould was made by Alleycats! 😂 From her unique designs, spooky Jewellery creations, Wall Hangings and moulds which are incredible quality, I absolutely adore Alleycats Crafts and everything she does. Seriously, if you're looking to get into Resin Craft, or you're looking for some amazing, unique Moulds, I couldn't recommend Aleesha enough!

So, let's get into it...

What made you want to start your own business?

Initially it was more of a goal to learn resin so I could make my own ash pendants for me and my family after a bad standard of service. It was a "f**k it, I could do that myself moment!!" so I did. It was when I was learning and getting into it I enjoyed it and got hooked. It was going to be more of a hobby and if I sold the odd few then great, but it excelled into so much more!

Where did the name 'Alleycats Craft' come from?

Alleycats came from a mix of mine and one of my sisters names, (how original). I like the idea of it though as aren't we all a little stray in the world?

When you're creating and coming up with your initial product ideas, what are your main influences/inspirations?

I've always been into alternative fashion and the whole Goth style. I was a 'Mosher / Goth' in my teen years and it wasn't a phase, haha.

I always look out for Halloween and Spooky vibes when I'm creating or coming up with something new. I think it's good to stick to what you enjoy as well, so people know you for it, and you still enjoy it yourself!

What's your process for making your ideas come to life?

Trying not to get distracted by the other 20 ideas I have first. I either scout for blanks or get them custom made to mould myself. That way I then have the freedom to cast as much, and as many different colours and styles as I wish. I do both sides to the resin life, as I like to make some of the moulds as well to sell, so others can have creative freedom in the same style.

I use an equal measure Transparent Silicone for the moulds, which I add pigment to, to colour. Same concept for the resin as well.

What's your favourite thing about being a small business owner?

I have a young daughter, so I'm a stay-at-home parents and it works perfect for us, as I can work around her and her needs. I'm my own boss with creative freedom, so it's always fun as I'm making stuff I like, whilst expressing myself artistically as well. It's an escape from the real world too, and helps me mentally as I'm doing something fun for myself.

And now, what's your least favourite?

People = Shi.......stress. There is a lack of understanding that it is literally just us working behind the shop window sometimes. It's no misconception that people can be very rude and demanding at times and it does bring us down. But the positive feedback more than makes up for it and keeps us focused.

What are you most looking forward to as an Independent Business when things start to go back to normal?

I would really love to do market stalls or conventions down the line when I'm more established and have the stock for it. But for now just getting my materials I need to hand is a bonus.

Does anything else inspire your work?

I'm a big kid at heart so I love Disney and anything with nostalgia. I've incorporated that into some pieces already, either by characters, lyrics of my fav bands and films.

Do you have any new items / collections coming up?

ALWAYS haha! Always working behind the scenes on the next thing. I have some custom-made blanks on route so should be some new stuff out soon!

Do you have any lockdown recommendations for the readers? Books, Films, Films?

Chilling adventures of Sabrina!

I've re-watched a lot of stuff in the meantime such as AHS, Sons of Anarchy & Shameless. Retched is well worth a watch and You!

Thank you so much to Aleesha for taking part in this weeks Follow Friday Feature, as Alleycats is a business I regularly order from, I'm so so happy to spread the love this week!

You can find the Alleycats Craft Etsy page here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AlleyCatsCraft and also on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/alleycatscraft/ - go show Aleesha some love and maybe treat yourself to some spooky goodies! (I know I've got a huge Mould order coming soon to create some new pieces!)

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