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YAY! Welcome to my second Ghoul Gang Feature! The last one with my lovely customer Michaela was such a huge hit - so I'm so excited to do more of these in the future! This week I'm talking to the wonderful Jess about her favourite pieces whilst also nabbing some film and music recommendations for us all! Check her Instagram out here!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello (: So I’m Jessica, 20 and from South Yorkshire! I have 2 little cats (who are like my babies) named Caspar and Vinnie and I love all things gothic, dark and vintage. I also have a massive love for rock/metal music and go to Download Festival every year- hands down.

What Nox Caelo pieces/items do you own, and which are your favourites?

I have picked up quite a good lil collection of Nox Caelo pieces within the past few months. The lil bat necklace, bracelet and hoop earrings- these have to be my favourite, alongside the Beetlejuice necklace. I also have the ‘ghoul gang’ ring which I love & the ‘Weird Girl Necklace’. I purchased the halloween mystery box which came with a gorgeous necklace, ghost earrings, fang earrings, incense cones, bat bunting and a whole lot more!

I also purchased one of the resin coffin trinket trays and its one of my favourite purchases this year- it's great for putting all my Nox Caelo pieces and keeping them in one place.

How do you like to style them?

I wear my Beetlejuice, Weird Girl, lil’ bat necklace everyday without a fail. The are amazing quality, they still look brand new and I wear them in water! I have them stacked, with the lil bat necklace at the top, then Beetlejuice in the middle then the longest necklace is Weird Girl. They go with every outfit and add just a lil’ touch of a gothic vibe the every outfit- whether it be an everyday outfit or a going out one.

I also wear my lil’ bat hoops near enough everyday- especially when my hair is tied back, they look amazing and are just a stand out pair off earrings- definitely a statement piece.

What’s on your Nox Caelo Wishlist?

A pick and mix charm bracelet - i’d love one with, the fang charm, skull, bone and lightening bolt charm.

I also love the pom pom key-rings/bag charms.

Here at NC, almost everything is in someway inspired by the Music & Films we love, so we're always looking for new recommendations to share with our Ghoul Gang - Who are your top 10 Musicians/Bands of all time?

- Muse - Pantera - Ghost - Avatar - Korn - Avenged Sevenfold - The Offspring - Bad Religion - Slipknot - Motley Cruë

What are your top 5 films of all time? - The Lost Boys - Beauty and the Beast - Beetlejuice - Corpse Bride - Coraline

And finally, if you could recommend 3 more small businesses to the readers, who would they be and why?

Mysticum Luna - They sell such gorgeous jewellery and are local to me! They usually have a pop up tent at Download Festival too, thats where I first found them!

Jaimelesdents - They are such a unique shop and sell the cutest things. I love the mini frames of teeth they do also!

Cobweb Coven - I purchased a lost boys keyring from here and I love it so much- especially with it being one of my favourite films, it came super fast too!

All 3 of these shops are amazing quality and unique, i’d recommend them to anyone who is on the darker side ✨💫🖤

I can't thank Jess enough for chatting with us this month! I'm seriously enjoying getting to know you all more SO, so much and it's really bringing our lil' community together that little bit more! If you'd like to get involved and be featured, please drop me a message or DM either on our contact page above, or on Instagram or Twitter! Both @shopnoxcaelo - All participants receive an exclusive Nox Caelo Ghoul Gang Pin and Patch set!

Much love and Stay Safe,

Jess x

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