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Alright I've been waaaay to excited to post this feature because I'm chatting with one of the BEST people I've met whilst running Nox Caelo, the gorgeousss Gylisa!

I first spoke to Gylisa when I approached her about being one of my permanent reps - I then realised she'd released a book 'Ever The Optimist' and I was straight on it. You can find it here - and I suggest you go check it out too, 'cause it's such a good read! I'm one of those people that cannot sit still for more than half an hour. I struggle to just chill out and completely sink my concentration into something for longer than fifteen minutes. But this book, LET ME TELL YA, I read it all in one night. ONE NIGHT. An absolute first for me. A milestone I might say, ha! But in all seriousness, the only other book I've ever finished cover-to-cover is Ozzy Osbourne's auto-biography. And Ever The Optimist topped that!

So, if you'd like to hear more and maybe nab a few Small Business, Film and Music suggestions to keep you entertained during lockdown, then keep on reading!

Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Gylisa, which is probably the most (the only) interesting thing about me, because I am THE ONLY ONE! At least spelt how I spell it.... or should I say, my dad who was dyslexic and heard the name ‘Jaleesa’ and spelt it wrong on my birth certificate! My brother and sister are called Tom and Clair so I guess I’m the main character huh? It is a burden I carry well!

I live in Cornwall with my husband Ryan, my 5 year old daughter Lily and two black cats, one of whom is curled up on my lap right now (and all times when I’m home!)

Which NC pieces do I own? I have the Ace of Spades Necklace, the Lightning Bolt (my fave!), the Moon and Star Necklace and a Garbageman print which is awesome!

How do you style them? Most of the time you’ll find me in a cosy jumper, jeans and a pair of Vans so I like to layer my necklaces and silver rings with that! I like to look effortless and your simple pieces really add to that vibe....

What’s next on my NC wishlist? I mean, other than everything? I have got my eye on the Black Onyx Rings, I bought a ring sizer especially!!! I also have been peeping the planchette necklace but MOST of all, and it’s out of stock (I know, I've been peeping) the Fester Cat Skull necklace, I am OBSESSED with skulls and bones and have wanted a Cat skull for ages! 😍

Okay so, obviously you know I'm gonna ask about the book because I love it so much! Tell the readers out about!

Sure! So for those who haven’t read it, you should of course.... Eight years ago I was fed up with my shit job and living a shit life, I spent most of my days day dreaming about something else when I realised that not doing anything about it would mean that nothing would change! So my now-husband and I packed some clothes, a duvet and ourselves in his tiny car and set off for the coast, we landed in Cornwall, and well, realised why people don’t do this! After a bunch of bad luck, poor timing and being young and naive we ended up living in the car, with no money but lots of hope.

I kept a diary, mainly to pass the time but also so I’d remember a time that I was shit out of luck, so I’d never be ungrateful for anything again. And this formed into the book! It follows us as we fall down to rock bottom and realise that that’s a pretty solid foundation to build upon.... eight years later. We are doing okay!

Do you have another Book in the works? YES ! I am asked DAILY when the next one will be ready, and I’m aiming for early 2021. I am so so so thankful that people are so interested and ready for more, so I’ll give you a little idea about what this one will entail - of course, the last eight years haven’t been quiet/boring at all (nothing in my life ever is it seems!) so this book will focus on grief, which is a HUGE subject especially for me , but one I can’t not write about (get that for good proper English!) haha! And equally one I know that even more people will resonate with, which I why I was pushed into writing in the first place. I like to connect with people through shared experiences, and how better than an entire book of your thoughts, right?

Who are your top 10 Musicians/Tracks of all time? Here’s my top ten tracks that I listen to and LOVE no matter how many times I hear em.... they all remind me of something or someone or a nice time of life ....

1- Amy Winehouse - Stronger than me..

2- Black Sabbath - War Pigs

3- Groove Armada - At the river

4- Enter Shikari - Wall

5 - Alterbridge - Blackbird

6 - Paramore - Missguided Ghosts

7 - Gorillaz - Tomorrow comes today

8 - Lemon Jelly - Ramblin man

9 - The Dresden Dolls - The Jeep Song

10 - Bicep - Glue

Top 5 Films?

1 - Spirited Away

2 - Pans Labyrinth

3 - The Truman Show

4 - This Is England (and the series)

5 - Queen & Slim, watched recently and though it was beautiful 🥰

And finally, your top 5 small businesses?

Other than YOU 😍 who I love! Rabbit Bones - Has amazing handmade designs Ella Masters - She is doing my book cover for the next book and is so talented with her illustrations! I have to mention my best pals tattoo studio - The Vault, in Looe. Cat has designed and finished most of the tattoos I am covered with, and her and her wife are general all-rounders!!! So if you are in Cornwall, shes yer gal!!!

Ahhh, thank you so much Gylisa for chatting to me this week! This is by far one of my favourite blog posts, so many amazing recommendations. - Again if you'd like to please go and check out Gylisa's book Ever The Optimist, you seriously will not regret it! and also go show her some love over on her Instagram!

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