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Heeeey, welcome to the first of my Ghoul Gang Features! I've wanted to do this for so long, so I'm finally going for it. The aim for these features will be to have a little chat with one of you every month about your Interests, Style, Favourite Nox Caelo Pieces and to also nab some recommendations off you for my ever-growing playlist (and to share with everyone else, obviously!). If you'd like to be featured in future posts, drop me an email or hit me up via the contact button on our Menu above!

This week, I'm super happy and super exciting to be chatting to one of my loveliest customers Michaela! An extremely talented make-up artist who always blows my mind when she tags me in pictures of our products paired with her insanely creative make-up looks, which you can find here on her MUA Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/mickeyrosemua/

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Just a 27 year old spooky gal trying to make it in the real world!

What Nox Caelo pieces/items do you own, and which are your favourites? I own the Ghoul Gang Ring and Green Agate necklace!

How do you like to style them? I really love to layer up Jewellery and wear multiple pieces at once. I always wear my Agate necklace with my Candice Tripp Sally Rabbit necklace and I always get compliments on them. I think of jewellery as an extra layer of clothing so without any an outfit isn't complete.

I can see from your Instagram feed that you’re an amazing make up artist, what inspires your work? A lot of my work is inspired by Musicans - Amy Lee from Evanescence used to be the ultimate - as I've gotten older I've used a lot of what I see on IG and from my friends who are also MUAs. I like to take a conventional idea and make it more spooky, or dark.

I can see a lot of Horror inspired looks, are you a fan of Horror yourself? I love horror films from Hammer Horror to cheesy B movies. My fave thing to watch is Buffy The Vampire Slayer so I use a lot of the Monster inspiration from Buffy to create looks mixed in with the girls in show.

I looove Buffy! Aside from that, what are your top 3 Horror Movies / TV Shows? Omg, so tough... I'd say my favourites depend on what I'm enjoying at the time but SCREAM is always a go to. SAW - or Anything by James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring) EVIL DEAD (OG or remake)

At Nox Caelo, almost everything is in someway inspired by the Music we love so we're always looking for new Music to share with our Ghoul Gang - Who are your top 10 Musicians/Bands of all time? 1. DEFTONES 2. HIM 3. SLIPKNOT 4. MARILYN MANSON 5. LADY GAGA 6. NOAH GUNDERSEN 7. ISAAC GRACIE 8. LANA DEL REY 9. METALLICA 10. TYPE O NEGATIVE

And finally, if you could recommend 3 more small businesses to the readers, who would they be and why? DOE BAKEHOUSE - I can't live without their Rose Lattes (it tastes like Barbie legs and people know exactly what I mean!) Also its the only place you can get a decent vegan Doughnut 🍩 THE BLACKENED TEETH - Their scented candles are everywhere in my house! And their baby head pots are on my vanity. BLOOD BABE COSMETICS - They make amazing horror lipsticks! Which is right up my street. Their website launches soon which is a huge step for their business!

Thank you so so much to Michaela for talking to me for the first of my Ghoul Gang Features, I've really enjoyed doing this and hopefully, this will give me the chance to chat to you all more and share your beautiful faces with the world! I'm thankful for every single one of you, and this is just a little way to communicate and bring us all together a little bit more.

All participants of the Ghoul Gang Features will be sent an exclusive participant-only NCXGG Patch and Pin set. If you're interested, or would like to be involved in next months feature, please drop me a message! I can be contacted via Instagram, Twitter, Email: shopnoxcaelo@gmail.com orrrr by hitting the contact button on our menu!

Thank you so much again for reading, and I can't wait to get started on next months feature!

Much love,



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