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Journal #4: KIN - Band Feature

For this week’s Journal we're featuring upcoming band - KIN, a three-piece noise machine from Liverpool who are just about to release their first EP and head on their first couple of gigs together. I spoke to bass player and vocalist Sol to talk all things KIN! (And no, I’m not just saying this because he's my fella) but, they’re really fucking good, and you should totally check them out!

How Did the Band Start?

I met Ash at University on the first day and we instantly connected, he’s my best mate and I knew after the first few months of knowing him that eventually we would end up doing something together. I find It hard not to try and be creative with someone when you have that sort of bond. We started playing some open-mics as an acoustic duo under the name ‘Mon Huge’ and eventually I got tired of it and wanted to do a full band.

We trialled some drummers who were sound but unfortunately didn’t gel with us and that’s when Dave came in. I met Dave a few months before Ash when we almost ended up in a band together. We had nothing to loose so I asked him, and much to our surprise he was as keen as we were. And here we are.

Who are your Musical Influences?

I can’t speak much for this other lads but personally my biggest influences are:

The Cure, David Bowie and Dinosaur Jr.

How Does the Creative Process work Between the 3 of you?

Usually myself or Ash will write parts and have ping=pong matches with them. We send videos back and forth, and get into the rehearsal room and hash it all out, then Dave comes in on the drums and makes everything whole: I try harder than Ash to give Dave full creative control with his parts because I can often be picky with drum parts, but it’s been easy with Dave because I’ve never met a drummer like him.

Recently we’ve found it interesting to try and write riffs around lyrics, there’s a song on our EP called Avocado which was spawned out of the ‘I bet he’s Vegan’ line. We hung onto that for months before we even had music around it.

What’s the Most Challenging Part of Working Together?

It’s hardy challenging when you’re having as much of a laugh as we are, but me and Ash do clash a lot creatively (not in a bad way, because we’ve embraced it). We know if one of us hates an idea or is challenging someone’s input, it’s only because we want the same outcome. The best outcome.

When is the EP coming out?

Tuesday July 30th - It’ll be available on Spotify and through our Bandcamp page (link) and you can either have it for free or pay what you’d like for it.

Future Plans?

More gigs, more songs, get my degree.

KIN are playing: Wednesday July 24th - Sound Liverpool

Saturday July 27th - Jacaranda Basement Liverpool (Tickets Here)

and you can find their new EP here on Bandcamp! - I was lucky enough to hear a few tracks being recorded, and you guys should be just as excited as we are! Go show them some love, listen and maybe come down to a gig!

KIN Instagram | KIN Twitter

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