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As the Festive season is fast approaching, I can't express enough how important it is to support and shop small! Especially with the current circumstances of Christmas this year! - I often find it really hard finding gifts for certain people, especially if I'm working to a set budget. As I've been scrolling through Instagram over the past few weeks, I've come across so many amazing items from my fellow small businesses that I feel would make excellent gifts for your loved ones. So, I've compiled a few lists and I'm about to attempt to cram them all into my first ever Gift Guide!

Over the next two weeks there'll be three different guides I'll be posting, all budget based...

  • £15 and under

  • £50 and under

  • £100 and under

This week we're focusing on items I've found that are £15 and under, which would be perfect for both gifts and stocking fillers! Here we go...

Silent Night Earrings - £8 - Cobweb Coven

Cobweb Coven have so many festive earrings this season, but these Silent Night ones are my absolute favourites!

Find them here!

Glitter Bat Resin Bookmark - £4 - Cobweb Coven

This would be the perfect gift for the Horror book-worm in your life! I think this could be a super cute gift paired with a Horror book, or even on it's own as a stocking filler!

Find them here!

Pentagram Ring - £9.99 - Obsidian Hollow

Obsidian Hollow are offering plenty of rings, that range between £8.99 - £9.99 but this Silver Pentagram band is calling my name.

Find it here!

Wall Bats - £4 - Shock Horrors

Along with many, many beautiful prints, Shock Horrors are selling these adorable wall adhesive bats! Perfect to spook up any room or studio space.

Find them here!

Various A5 Prints - Witch Crafts - £5

Witch Craft have SO many different prints, and at just £5! No matter what, if you love Horror, she's got you covered! Ranging from Beetlejuice, to The Nightmare Before Christmas and Scream.

Find them here!

Various Sticker Packs - £5 - Witch Crafts

Again, Witch Crafts coming through with the Horror goodies! These sticker packs are hand illustrated and range from Classic Horror themes to The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

Find them here!

Pentagram & Crescent Moon Bag Charms/Keychains - £6 - Nox Caelo

Shameless self promo! I love making these things, available in many different colours and are the perfect addition to a key-set or bag!

Find them here!

Various Prints - £6.99 - Witchin

Witchin are offering so many amazing A5 prints, my favourite is definitely this 'Drink Wine and Raise Hell' print!

Find them here!

Customised Wooden Heart Plaque - £10 - Alien Queen Crafts

Alien Queen Crafts offer so many hand-painted plaques ranging from £5 - £10, they're all beautiful but this Customised Heart Plaque would be perfect for any couples you know! We have one in our flat and I love it so, so much.

Find them here!

Various Mugs - £8 - Mysticum Luna

So many amazing mugs over at Mysticum Luna, all priced at £8! I've been eyeing up this Heavy Metal mug for some time now!

Find them here!

Pentagram Socks - £8 - Mysticum Luna

Who doesn't love getting socks for Christmas? Socks are easily my favourite thing to recieve. These Pentagram socks are super high in quality and would make the perfect Winter gift for your spooky pals.

Find them here!

Moonchild Hoops - £9.50 - Violet Delights

The absolute babe over at Violet Delights offers so many different hoop sets! These Moonchild ones are my absolute faves, but definitley check out the rest, there's a pair for everyone!

Find them here!

Various Mugs - £12 - Violet Delights

I bought myself one of the Baby Ghoul mugs the other week, and I LOVE IT! So much! These would be an absolute perfect gift for the Ghouls in your life, because who doesn't love a mug? They're also available in different designs: 'Elixir of Life', 'Witch' & 'Lucifers Whore.' Perfection.

Find them here!

Eat The Rich T-Shirt - £14 - Creative House

Need I say more? I'm just obsessed with these. This would match so well with one of our Eat The Rich Signet rings. I purchased one for myself the other week and the t-shirt is such good quality, and is also available in White. The lettering also comes Pink, White and Red.

Find them here!

Ceramic Decorative Plates - £15 - Cups and Sorcery

I'm such a sucker for homeware, especially these decorative plates from Cups and Sorcery! Of course The Office ones are my favourites, but they also have Edward Scissorhands, Bob Ross, The Addams Family themed plates!

Find them here!

Various Printed Tea Towels - £12 - Rock and Rose Artwork

I'm just obsessed with everything Rock and Rose put out, their vibe and artwork is just perfect! These Tea Towels are 100% cotton and would be the perfect addition to any Rock 'n Roll lovers Kitchen.

Find them here!

Various Music/Band Pins - £7 - Rock and Rose Artwork

As soon as I saw these I was straight onto their Etsy ordering one of each for myself and some as gifts for my friends - they actually arrived this morning and are UNREAL quality, I'm so happy with them! I think these would be a great gift for any Sabbath, Motorhead or Bowie fans!

Find them here!

Tooth Choker - £16 - Steel Tooth Store

Okay, I'm £1 over budget here but it's worth it! I have quite a few pieces from Steel Tooth and they are of such incredible quality. I bought myself one of these chokers, and then bought another one two weeks later and I use it as a bag chain. It looks sick. Honestly, Steel Tooth are where it's at for all your choker and chain loving needs!

Find it here!

And that concludes Gift Guide #1, I hope this was interesting to read, and hopefully it's helped someone out with finding a few gifts, or even a new small business they weren't aware of! Please check back later in the week for #2, which will be focusing on items budgeted at around £50 and under.

Much Love & Stay Safe,

Jess x