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Evening! I hope you guys are enjoying the blog so far. Myself and Sol (my boyfriend who not all of you have met yet, he wrote one of the earlier blog posts all about my collection with Garbageman, check it out back at the blog page when you're done here! *mwah*) are really enjoying getting back into writing. It's been great finding even more ways to interact with you all, whilst also supporting my favourite Small Businesses during this very, VERY weird time!

I always try to shop small wherever I can, wether it be Clothing, Jewellery and Accessories to Homeware, Decor and Business/Stationary supplies for my own little business - I think it's SO important to support small and independent!

I get quite a few emails and messages via Instagram from some of you asking me to recommend small businesses, so I came up with the idea to post some mini 'Small Business Hauls' with the items I've bought over the last few weeks! Hopefully here you guys might see something you like, something you've been looking for, or maybe even your new favourite shop! I'm hoping to post at lest one of these Haul's a month, but by all means, I'm always here if you guys need more recommendations. My messages are always open!

This weeks post is mostly Jewellery based, with some art and fragrance thrown in! So if you're looking to treat yourself to some new Jewels, or you're looking for some Christmas Gift ideas - keep reading!


This week I'm featuring items from:

Haus of the Dead


Shop Dixi


Alien Queen Crafts


Screaming Mandrake Perfumes


Haus of the Dead - Devil Tarot Necklace

I discovered Haus of the Dead not that long after I'd started up Nox Caelo. I immediately fell in love with all of their pieces and how they were so heavily influenced by the Dark and Macabre. I was so torn between the Devil Tarot Necklace and their Hellbound necklace, but I went with the Devil! - It's made of Stainless Steel and honestly, it's such amazing quality and is definitely one of the most hard-wearing pieces of Jewellery I own. I feel super confident when I'm wearing it that it's going NOWHERE, this thing isn't budging! (As a Jewellery maker myself I'm always cautious of people loosing/breaking their necklaces during everyday wear and tear) but this is amazing, and it's anti-tarnish too which is a bonus!

I couldn't recommend Haus of the Dead enough, from their amazing quality of Jewellery to amazing customer service and attention to detail with their packaging. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Find them here on Instagram or here on their Website!


Shop Dixi - Autumn Woodlands Pumpkin Necklace, Thorn Ring & Amber Ring

Even before I started up Nox Caelo, I was in absolute awe of everything Shop Dixi came out with. I came across their work from constantly watching YouTube Hauls back in the day, and I remember falling in love with how elegant and stunning their pieces were. I have a HUGE collection of Shop Dixi Jewellery, but that would've called for it's own blog post, so I picked out my most recent purchases.

Devil Tarot Necklace (Haus of the Dead) Pumpkin Necklace (Shop Dixi)

When I was walking through Liverpool a few months back, I remember seeing someone wearing the most BEAUTIFUL Amber set ring I'd ever seen, and that was it, I HAD to have one. I searched and searched, trialed and tested a few but ultimately, they tarnished within a couple of weeks and turned my fingers that awful green colour. Then, Shop Dixi came to the rescue! This ring is so perfect, it's amazing quality and hasn't tarnished whatsoever. Plus, it also pairs perfectly with the Pumpkin Necklace I bought from them too! As a lover of the Autumn and Halloween season, I wish I could keep the festivities going 365 days of the year, so as soon as I saw this necklace I had to have it. It comes in three different variations, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. It's extremely dainty but similarly to my Haus of the Dead necklace, it's extremely hard-wearing! I love it so, so much and if not for yourself, this would be the perfect gift for the Halloween obsessives in your life (we all have one!).


Alien Queen Crafts - Moon Plaque

Megan (AlienQueenCrafts) is an absolute Angel! From the second I started up my little business she was so supportive and was ultimately, my first ever 'rep!' I remember when she started up her store and I fell in-love with it all immediately, so many handmade, hand-painted prints, plaques and signs! I wanted it all, but we were still in the midst of sorting a flat out, so as soon as all the paperwork went through, Meg was the first person I ordered from!

The package arrived and I was blown away by how many extra goodies she'd thrown in, along with the amazing attention to detail on every single piece! I'm featuring the Moon Plaque in this blog post, as I do have a bigger post planned featuring ALL the items I have from her! Our flat is certainly 80% decorated by Alien Queen Crafts alone! 😂 Everything Meg creates is completely original and unique. She offers so many customisable items, making them the most perfect Christmas Gifts.

You can find Alien Queen Crafts here on Instagram and here on her NuMonday site!


Screaming Mandrake Perfumes - Ceremony Perfume Oil

Screaming Mandrake Perfumes are another small business I stumbled upon when just starting out with Nox Caelo - I know I've started pretty much EVERY paragraph with that but it's true! All of these businesses have been businesses I've followed from the start, and not only are they extremely supportive, they're all amazing and create the most amazing products! I recieved my first ever Screaming Mandrake Perfume in a Mystery Box from another small business, Cobweb Coven. I'm usually really funny with trying out new

perfume oil, independent business, shop small, boho rings

perfumes/fragrances as I have extremely sensitive skin and react to almost everything. But, I'm a sucker for natural and earthy scents so when I read that the notes of this were Nag Champa, Bonfire, Amber, Cedarwood and Sandalwood I was sold. I'd also never tried a perfume oil before, so I was hoping this would solve my perfume-hunting problems, and it did! It's absolutley incredible, the scent has an extremely high pay off, and is super long-wearing! I roll this on first thing in the morning and it lasts all day, I've had so many compliments on it. I was so impressed by this I had to re-order two bottles of it to make sure I always have a spare bottle incase I run out! Not to mention, the packaging is just STUNNING! I'll definitely be buying more from Screaming Mandrake in the future and I've already purchased a few Christmas gifts from there that I know my friends will love!

You can find Screaming Mandrake here on their Instagram page, and also here on their website!


Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. It's taking a little while to get back into the swing of writing, but I'm really enjoying it! Check back soon for more Small Business Features (posted every Friday!) and many more Small Business Hauls - with the Christmas season coming up I'm keeping an eye out for plenty of parcels!

If you have any small businesses you'd like to recommend yourself, leave us a comment below.

Much love,

Jess x

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