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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Yay, after many months and many failed attempts to get back into the flow of writing - THE BLOG IS BACK!

As you can see, I've removed everything apart from my two previous Follow Friday Features, as that's something I'm 100% set on keeping and will hopefully be publishing every Friday! I have so many amazing small businesses to feature that I cannot wait to share with you all!

This blog is going to be full of all sorts, from my general weekly ramblings about my awful taste in everything (mwah, I'm sorry in advance) to Monthly Playlists, any features we may have, Behind the Scenes bits, new announcements and also, I'm going to be posting about future rep opportunities in here too! So if that's something you've contacted me about in the past, please keep an eye out here! - Oh and also, I'm hoping to start up customer features 'Ghoul Gang Features' too, so I can share you beautiful lot with the world.

So yeah, keep those peepers peeled! and if you're a small business that would like to be involved in my Follow Friday Features, please drop me a DM over on instagram @shopnoxcaelo or hit me up using our contact page at the top of the menu.

Much love, stay safe

Jess x

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